Site Development

Dykstra Excavating is a full service company that serves all aspects of site development. Prior to building and construction, a piece of land must be cleared, developed, graded, and roads installed on schedule and on budget. Dykstra has decades of experience across residential, subdivision, commercial and industrial development.

Earth Moving

Dykstra has one of the largest fleets of earthmoving equipment in the state, and regularly works on state MDOT earthmoving and road building projects. Able to handle jobs moving upwards of 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt, Dykstra has the expertise and equipment for your next project.

Site Concrete

After the earth is moved, paved and compacted, concrete curbs, sidewalks and drives set the boundaries for the next stages of construction. Because of Dykstra’s experience, they can offer value-added advice and service to project administrators and engineers.

Underground Infrastructure

Before the buildings are erected on top of the soil, the underground water and sewer lines must be installed underground. Dykstra is equipped and trained to install concrete and composite pipes from one inch to twelve feet in diameter. Their crews and key persons are trained in safety practices to make sure the job site performs without incident or accident.

Road Building

Residents across Michigan enjoy and benefit from Dykstra’s road building expertise daily. From the lakeshore to Ionia County, Dykstra crews have built roads to exacting specifications using GPS and laser guided equipment. They have a fleet of equipment, and a level of experience rivaled by few other companies in the Midwest.